Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting caught up

O.k. continuing catch up. Here are pics of what's going in in the garden.

Grapes are forming, but won't be ready for until around August 1.
  I am redoing trellis this year, so vines have to trained onto trellis every few days.

Lots of peaches!

Right now the peaches are just need monitoring for pests, but next month, we'll be harvesting these. 
Blackberries starting to get ripe!

We have fewer blackberries this year. I pruned the canes pretty heavily last fall to train canes in another direction. I am growing these in this location to help define the property line. While the house next door is empty now, there were tenants there for a while that liked to drive over onto my side to park. This natural boundary marker also produces yummy pies. 


 Strawberries have been coming in since around the 1st of May here. While most of my strawberries were destroyed while I was away last year, a few made it. My grandson eats these as they ripen. I went to the Delano Amish Community (hope to have pics up of this great find soon) and bought 2 gallons and put those up over the weekend and still need to pick up at least 2 gallons more before the season ends at the end of this month.
This poor fella needs a some pest control. I treated around the plant w/ diamateous earth, weeded and sprayed with homemade pest spray.

Raspberries are just getting going w/ the bloom.     

Raspberries have also gotten a major overhaul this year, but should have the bed filled by the end of the season. Starts are available at My Folia and enter heritage raspberries.

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