Wednesday, January 19, 2011

seed starting

Well, I managed to get some of my seed starting done this past weekend. This only a portion of my seeds. I'm just so organized. Not! Maybe I can work on a more refined system in the next couple of weeks.

I also use the most sophisticated tools. A plastic spoon for seed sorting and holding. A permanent marker for labeling. 

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Then laid out after I've finished sowing the seeds in the cups. The tray gets covered w/ plastic wrap to hold in moisture and set in a sunny window. The way things have been going with the weather, I may have to turn on the grow light.
 Today we started onions a three of different varieties, celery, celeriac, hollyhocks, parsley, leeks, spring peas and delphiniums. I use the square foot gardening method and so while each cup looks small, it will start enough seeds for our early planting of each of these varieties. As soon as the seeds are up and have their ears, they will be transplanted into individual blocks in the tray underneath. While it may look like soil. This is a seedless seed starting mix of peat moss and perlite.
Also we started several sweet potatoes for slips, Ga Jet and another variety that I'm trying to identify.  When the slips start to develop, I'll update on the process.

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