Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vegetables Coming In

After we started to get some long overdue rain. I was able to harvest some produce.
Early Napoli Carrots
More Carrots and a San Marzano Tomato.

This is not the first San Marzano of the year. Since tomatoes are really a tropical perennial that we grow as annuals here, I tried overwintering in the sun room. Plant did well and after a short period of adjusting to being back outdoors, has been producing a few tomatoes and has begun to increase production.
Volunteer grape tomato

Elephant Garlic w/ corms still attached. Sorry hadn't had time to wash  yet. 
Each of these heads weighted about a lb. after dirt and stalks were removed. Corms have been stored for planting in fall.
Hardneck variety of garlic. 
Red Hamburger Onions

Mostly grown as an experiment to produce my own sets for fall planting. There are a few that we will eat now.

Georgia Sweet Onions. Also grown for sets.
This variety is similar to a Vidallia and there are many more large enough to eat now.

I also harvested 2 quarts of blackberries and the raspberries are setting fruit. Maybe I'll be able to get more pics up later.